Because transition is part of a career, we support you in making it a real opportunity for personal fulfilment in employment, career change or entrepreneurship.

Being supported by a professional who knows the market will prevent you from jumping at “the first job that comes along”.

Together we’ll work out a project that’s right for you and you’ll conduct a search strategy to reach your targets.

We help you work on your personal branding, your resume and your visibility on Linkedin.

Being accompanied means giving yourself the means to remain confident in the face of the unknown, to move forward methodically and to trigger great opportunities!


find an equivalent or higher salary

Average time to repositioning: divided by 2 when supported

Syntec Survey

Roles : CEOs, MDs, Senior Executives, Members of Management or Executive Committees
Profiles: High Potentials, Expatriates, HPI (High Intellectual Potential), HPE (High Emotional Potential)
Companies: SMEs / Major Groups / Public Sector
Geographic Span: Our clients are located all around the world and are repositioning for roles in France and internationally.

  • Feel supported and encouraged in a peer-to-peer relationship
  • Capitalise on your experience and gain self-knowledge to build your career path
  • Master your communication and visibility. Be prepared for interviews
  • Secure your new position or business launch

Our approach is pragmatic, challenging, rooted in the reality of businesses, and carried out in good spirits. We take care of you in your cognitive, emotional, and relational dimensions. We combine our expertise in consulting and coaching. We use mindful presence, deep listening, sharp questioning, constructive feedback, self-awareness tools or 360 assessments, as well as the proven methodology of outplacement. We work in both French and English and demonstrate availability and responsiveness. We share with you resources and network contacts.

  • Disc & Drivers
  • Hogan
  • LEA self
  • LEA 360
  • Birkman
  • Implicit Career Search
  • Systemics
  • Skills Assessment
  • Linkedin
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Element
  • Metaphors
  • Photo language
  • Networking