Executive coaching, first 90 days, leadership development

Individual coaching is tailor-made support for a person’s development, enabling insights and the emergence of previously unperceived solutions.

In a paradoxical and simple way, our support enables you to identify and put in place the means and resources you need to succeed.

The coaching process is based on a relationship of parity and collaboration, and is guided by objectives defined at the outset.

A space of alchemy for you where attentive presence, active listening and questioning allow concrete strategies to emerge. Finding simplicity beyond complexity!


of people coached say they are satisfied with their support


are willing to repeat the experience

The average return on investment for companies is 5.7 times the amount invested.

PWC-ICF survey

Roles : CEOs, MDs, Senior Executives, Members of Management or Executive Committees
Profiles: High Potentials, Expatriates, HPI (High Intellectual Potential), HPE (High Emotional Potential)
Companies: SMEs / Major Groups / Public Sector

  • Confront your questions and decision making or your doubts with a neutral professional partner in an peer-to-peer relationship.
  • Break out of your habits and well-trodden paths, reduce your blind spots, and advance your thinking.
  • Untangle the threads, remove the obstacles and overcome the hurdles.
  • Find relevant options and implement the necessary changes.

Our approach is pragmatic, challenging, rooted in the reality of business and in good spirits. You improve your professional performance by building on your development potential. We take care of you in your cognitive, emotional and relational dimensions. We use deep listening, sharp questioning, constructive feedback and a range of cutting-edge tools, including systemics, self-awareness and 360° tools. The firm is a member of the EMCC and adheres to its code of ethics.

Self-awareness: LEA self, Hogan, Disc and drivers, Birkman, 360 LEA MRG Group

Approaches: Systemics (IGB MRI), Transactional Analysis, TOB Berne Organisational Theory, NLP, NVC

Examples of executive coaching


Making a success of your “first 90 days”

Accelerating your integration and proving yourself quickly

Finding the right posture in the Executive Committee or Board of Directors

Mobilising your teams

A clear roadmap and action plan

Benefits: maximise your impact,

promote your long-term success


Take a step back to develop a clear strategic vision, align objectives and corporate values

Enhance your impact, influence and communication

Manage your time, life balance, emotions and stress more effectively

Prevent burnout

Reconnect with your strengths, overcome your limitations

Benefits: improve your performance, regain energy, foster employees innovation, motivation and commitment


Returning to work after a period of medical leave, parental leave, etc.

Reinventing yourself at mid-career

Identifying motivating career goals and a strong value proposition

Developing your employability internally or externally

Managing your personal brand and reputation

Benefits: promote your professional success, maximise your potential, boost your confidence and quality of life