VP Global Head of Packaging Innovation – Pharmaceutical industry

First 90 days
"These were invaluable moments for erasing the feeling of loneliness in my role as a leader, new to the company and whose mission is to change the culture on several fronts. Her in-depth understanding of human dynamics and the challenges in businesses enabled me to see situations from different angles, and thus consider new, more relevant strategies."

Director of Information Systems - SME in the Healthcare Sector

Leadership development
"Professional, personalised, dynamic coaching, committed to success with a pragmatic approach in a relationship of trust. A real "career" boost.»

Senior Vice President Brand, Communication & Sustainability - Industry

Career Strategy
«In my professional career, there was a before and an after "Sheila's coaching". She knew how to question me, challenge me, help me move forward and shed light on my career plans. She offers a fluid support that is grounded in the reality of our businesses. […] As a result, I was able to access the executive committee of my company. »

Senior Vice Président Sales Europe – Capital goods industry

« A true 360-degree work, with a pragmatic approach built in good spirits! This personal support has been constant, effective, attentive and kind right up until I took up my new position and even beyond in my new career»


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