My experience

I’m Sheila Gourp, career consultant and professional coach since 2007, serving the careers of international executives and teams.
The first part of my career was spent in Finance and Human Resources in France and internationally, particularly in information systems and telecommunications.
Graduated from ESCP Paris-Oxford-Berlin, Diplom Kauffrau, Msc Management
MS EM Lyon in Knowledge Management: organizational learning, collective intelligence, collaborative work, innovation
Accredited professional coach « Coach &Team» TransformancePro & RNCP SIMACS
Life long learner
Human Element Certified (LHEP), Implicit Career Search,

Tools: DISC, Hogan, Birkmann, LEA, 360
Trained in: Systemics (IGB MRI/Palo Alto), Transactional Analysis (101 & 202), TOB Berne Organisational Theory, Strategic Vision and Personal Vision, Creativity, NLP, Non Violent Communication (NVC)…
Support tailored to you

I’ll work with you in complete confidentiality to help you address your professional challenges. Depending on your needs, I can offer advice, coaching and emotional detachment approaches. Humour and kindness are always present.

I am a member of the professional coaching association EMCC and my practice is supervised. As such, I abide by their code of ethics.


International from the cradle: born in the Middle East to an English mother and a French father. As a ‘Schlum kid’, I have experienced being the child of expatriates and then expatriating with my own children, while juggling the complexities of a dual career. I have gained a nuanced understanding of the challenges of international mobility, both interculturally and professionally. This life trajectory has profoundly shaped me, awakening my open-mindedness and insatiable curiosity, and sharpening my sensitivity to cultural diversity.

My years in the countryside have left me with a strong bond with nature and a taste for simplicity.

My natural curiosity, my taste for enriching encounters, continuous learning and transdisciplinarity have enabled me to weave a dense and varied network. As a result, I’m able to offer resources and contacts, willingly sharing my experience and discoveries with those who cross my path.