Our HR Tools at Fulgurans

A tool remains a tool, for us it is a support for awareness, conversation and action.

Above all, we don’t “put you in a box”, we analyse it by placing it at the heart of your context and your challenges. We choose the ones most suited to your situation, even if we believe that the quality of the relationship is the real factor in the success of a coaching programme.

Using DISC in Coaching, Skills Assessment, Outplacement, or Team Coaching

Disc is a behavioural analysis tool based on William Marston’s Disc method. It provides a better understanding of our communication and behavioural preferences.

In addition to the Disc, the Driving Forces (WPMOT) provide insight into values and motivations.

Using the Hogan in coaching, skills assessment, outplacement or team coaching

The Hogan Test is a psychometric tool developed by the American psychologist Dr. Robert Hogan in the 1980s.

Using MRG LEA and LEA 360 for individual coaching, 360, skills assessment and outplacement

The Management Research Group (MRG) is an international research organisation, founded in 1983, which studies leadership development and has one of the largest databases in the world. It is used by 1,500 consultants in over 100 countries.

Using Birkman for individual coaching, skills assessment and outplacement

In 1951, Dr Roger Birkman created the method for analysing the personality characteristics that influence behaviour, motivations and perceptions.


Using Disc allows for

  • Better self-understanding, recognizing one’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • Understanding how and in what ways others are different
  • facilitating the understanding of different communication styles and thus easying interpersonal relationships, collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Adapting one’s management style according to the preferences of individuals

We use it in coaching, particularly on issues of communication and cooperation, as well as in executive outplacement and team coaching.


Designed for the professional environment, it comprises 3 assessments:

  • The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) measures the candidate’s personality in normal situations. Among other things, it assesses their relationships with others, their decision-making or leadership style…
  • The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) measures behavioural tendencies that may hinder a person’s performance. It evaluates how they manage relationships and professional challenges in situations of stress or high pressure.
  • The Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) measures a person’s motivations, values and interests. It enables us to identify the job or environment in which they will thrive in and feel most aligned with.

We use Hogan in individual coaching or executive outplacement to deepen self-knowledge and draw up a development plan. It is also very useful for ‘mini-coaching’ or ‘flash-coaching’ forexecutives over a few sessions. We use it for team coaching too.
more : https://www.hoganassessments.com/

Using MRG LEA & LEA 360

The Strategic Leadership Effectiveness Analysis is a tool that helps to stimulate the professionalization of executives in their leadership skills.
This tool can also be used in a 360° format to gather feedback from the manager, peers and team members (or in 180° format) on the 6 dimensions and 22 criteria. A verbatim section collects the development suggestions proposed by the respondents.
The tool is based on a semi-ipsative questionnaire, which reduces bias and increases the reliability of the diagnosis. It allows for the analysis of each person’s perception, differences, blind spots, and thus to deepen self-awareness. Based on these results, specific action plans can be put developed.

We use 360° for development coaching and career strategy reviews for executives.
more : https://www.mrg.com/

Using Birkman in individual coaching

We use Birkman mainly for its interests and careers’ section, which opens up a whole range of possibilities when considering a career change.
more : https://birkman.com/

Our inspirations

Following our various training courses and certifications, all our services draw depending on your challenges and situations from the richness of the following tools and approaches:

The Schutz Human Element Method (LHEP) in coaching

Will Schutz developed the FIRO method in 1958 to understand and predict interactions between people in order to build high-performance teams. In the 1980s, his research led him to formalise the Human Element Theory, which is used to develop cooperation and leadership in companies.

ICS Implicit Career Search in coaching

Derived from Will Schutz’s Human Element Theory, and created by Steve Miller, Implicit Career Search is a method of career design.


Each of our coaching sessions is imbued with Will Schutz’s approach, which is based on 3 key principles:
Truth: truth is the great simplifier and makes teams more effective
Choice: everyone is responsible for their choices, whether conscious or unconscious, and no-one is to blame.
Awareness: the more we know and value ourselves, the more rational and non-defensive our behaviour will be.
more : http://elementhumain-france.fr/ and https://www.thehumanelement.com/

ICS Implicit Career Search method

Derived from Will Schutz’s Human Element Theory, and created by Steve Miller, Implicit Career Search is a method for developing a career plan. It provides answers to the question of “how do I choose” the next step in my career, and helps me to identify a personal contribution to society that makes sense to me.
more : https://theimplicitcareersearch.com/